High quality, individualized, one-to-one care.


Basimma Hammonds and her team will help you get back to your daily activities with a physical therapy treatment plan that is specially designed for your needs. Whether you are recovering from orthopedic surgery or have suffered an injury, we will provide a customized plan to return you to your fullest potential. We specialize in physical therapy for arms, necks, backs, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and more, helping to restore full range of motion and muscle mass with the latest therapy methods, including hands-on joint and tissue mobilization and manipulation and strength training. Based on a treatment plan that is tailored to the environment where you live every day, we help you learn how to care for your health and wellness well beyond your scheduled appointments. We are also one of the first clinics in Austin, Texas to feature Blood Flow Restriction therapy to help restore muscle mass in uneven growth situations.


Get back to your life.


Many patients need physical therapy after suffering an injury or going through orthopedic surgery. Anyone who has trouble with mobility and wants to regain a certain level of control may opt to have physical therapy to get back to their life. Physical therapy can not only help someone recover from surgery; it can prevent the need for surgery in many cases as well. Pain relief is another reason many of our clients opt for physical therapy. The types of training we do can help you recover from and prevent sports injuries as well. If you’re having mobility or movement problems, we can help you regain control.

Beyond providing physical therapy for patients, Basimma is available as a consultant to speak to groups or individuals. She can provide training techniques to keep you from injuring yourself.

My heart and purpose for being a physical therapist is to enter in to wherever you are in you life’s journey, and help you meet your physical goals.”
— Basimma Hammonds

About Basimma

Basimma Hammonds has been a practicing physical therapist since 2003. She is a board-certified specialist with the American Board of Physical Therapist Specialists, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Physical Therapists. She received a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from Texas State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as an Associates degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant. She has taught academic courses in physical therapy while also serving as an outpatient physical therapist at several clinics throughout Austin. In 2016, she opened Reclaim Physical Therapy to better serve patients in a one-on-one, personalized setting. Contact us for a phone consultation today and let us help you find the treatment plan that can help you reclaim your life!