Blood Flow Restriction therapy helps grow muscle even without heavy loads.

If you have muscles that are refusing to strengthen, blood flow restriction therapy can help.

Credit: Fischer Institute

Blood Flow Restriction

Sometimes after an injury or orthopedic surgery, muscles regenerate at different rates throughout the body. For instance, after an ACL surgery on your knee, your leg muscle might be a different size than the leg muscle where you did not have the operation. BFR helps encourage the smaller muscle to regrow.

BFR works by wrapping a restrictive device such as a cuff or wrap around the limb, restricting blood flow out of the muscle. When the procedure is done correctly, the veins in the limb are constricted so that the blood does not flow out of the muscle as it normally would. This helps encourage growth. This method is particularly useful for patients who are looking to regain strength in certain muscles after surgery.

Reclaim Physical Therapy is the only licensed provider of BFR services in Austin, and one of the first in the country to provide the service for patients looking to rebuild strength in specific muscles. Our trained therapists can guide you safely and effectively through BFR to help you retrain and maximize strength in stubborn muscles.

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