Physical Therapy Follow-Up Visit


If you have already had an initial evaluation and wish to schedule a follow-up appointment,
you can do so here. During follow-up visits, treatments can include a mixture of manual physical therapy interventions (such as joint mobilizations or soft tissue mobilizations) strength training, and even Blood Flow Restriction training. We will also continue to teach you methods you can use at home to help with your progress.

Sessions generally last one hour.


We will work with you until you are ready.

The end-goal of physical therapy is to get you to a point where you no longer need the therapy. You will continue to use the methods we teach you at home to maintain your health, but for most issues, the treatment plan will not need to continue indefinitely. We will make sure that you understand your options from the start, and will continue to meet with you until your issue has been addressed and you are back where you need to be.