Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation


This is the initial examination where we identify and address the cause of the movement problems or pain. We will plan a course of treatment to address your goals, and you will be given some home exercises appropriate for your issue. Your initial consultation will generally last an hour.


At Reclaim Physical Therapy, we are committed to meeting our patients where they are. At the initial consultation, I will take a detailed history to understand what is causing your issues and what we should do about them. I will also ask you to perform tasks as you would in your normal environment, so wear comfortable clothes! We will work together to determine the best course of treatment appropriate for your needs.

At Reclaim PT, we conduct a full, evidence-based examination of all contributing factors, including previous injuries, surgeries, and day-to-day activities. Our treatment plans are customized for you, from tissue manipulation to exercise and even blood flow restriction therapy. We work to get you back to work, sports, or your regular daily activities without pain or limited range of motion.

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